Selected publications and working papers

Why are relatively poor people not more supportive of redistribution? Evidence from a Randomized Survey Experiment across 10 countries (American Economic Journal: Economic Policy) [Available here]

American Exceptionalism? Differences in the Elasticity of Preferences for Redistribution between the United States and Western Europe (Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization) [Available here]

Helping Us or Helping Them? What Makes Foreign Aid Popular with Donor Publics? (Economic Development and Cultural Change) [Available here]

Increasing Tax Compliance Without Increasing Revenue: Evidence from Population-Wide Randomized Control Trials in Papua New Guinea (Economic Development and Cultural Change) [Available here]

How does Information about Inequality Shape Voting Intentions and Preferences for Redistribution? Evidence from a Randomized Survey Experiment in Indonesia (with reviewers at the World Bank Economic Review) [Available here]

A False Divide? Correcting Beliefs about Inequality Aligns Preferences for Redistribution Between Right- and Left-Wing Voters (with reviewers at the European Journal of Political Economy) [Available here]

Taking Financial Access to Remote and Insecure Areas: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial of a Comprehensive Financial Inclusion Program in Papua New Guinea (Journal of Development Studies) [Available here]