Selected publications

Why are relatively poor people not more supportive of redistribution? Evidence from a Randomized Survey Experiment across 10 countries (published in the American Economic Journal: Economic Policy) [Available here]

American Exceptionalism? Differences in the Elasticity of Preferences for Redistribution between the United States and Western Europe (published in the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization) [Available here]

Helping Us or Helping Them? What Makes Foreign Aid Popular with Donor Publics? (published in Economic Development and Cultural Change) [Available here]

Increasing Tax Compliance Without Increasing Revenue: Evidence from Population-Wide Randomized Control Trials in Papua New Guinea (published in Economic Development and Cultural Change) [Available here]

Can a Multipronged Strategy of “Soft” Interventions Surmount Structural Barriers for Financial Inclusion? Evidence From the Unbanked in Papua New Guinea (published in Journal of Development Studies) [Available here]

Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy : Survey and Experimental Evidence from Papua New Guinea (published in PLoS ONE) [Available here]

Selected working papers

How Does the Progressivity of Taxes and Government Transfers Impact People’s Willingness to Pay Tax? Experimental Evidence across Developing Countries (under submission) [Available here]

How does Information about Inequality Shape Voting Intentions and Preferences for Redistribution? Evidence from a Randomized Survey Experiment in Indonesia (under submission) [Available here]

A False Divide? Correcting Beliefs about Inequality Aligns Preferences for Redistribution Between Right- and Left-Wing Voters (under submission) [Available here]

Selected works in progress

“Support for horizontal equity of taxes” with Pierre Bachas (World Bank Research Department), Anders Jensen (Harvard) and Mahvish Shaukat (World Bank Research Department) [AEA RCT registry]

“Political Polarization, Wage Inequality and Preferences for Redistribution” (with Catherine Eckel (Texas A&M University), Phillip Grossman (Monash University), Dan Goldstein (Microsoft Research) and Lionel Page (University of Queensland) [AEA RCT registry]