Public Engagement

My research has attracted media attention from a range of outlets including the New York Times, the Economist, the Guardian, the BBC, Vox, the Sydney Morning Herald and the Jakarta Post. I have presented my research to policy makers and academic audiences in over 10 countries. Some examples of the blogs I have authored and presentations I have given are listed below.


World Bank (Governance for Development) 2022 – Why does the progressivity of taxes matter?

World Bank (Lets Talk Development) 2021 – The drivers of COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and how to address them

United Nations University WIDER 2020 – Will COVID-19 lead to half a billion more people living in poverty in developing countries?

From Poverty to Power 2019 – No Matter Where You Live, the World is More Unequal Than You Realise

World Bank (Development Impact) 2018 – Why are relatively poor people not more supportive of redistribution?

Guardian Newspaper 2017 – The study that shows life is a lot more unequal than you (probably) think 

From Poverty to Power 2016 – Why we need to rethink how we measure inequality – please welcome the Absolute Palma index

Overseas Development Institute 2015 – Five myths about poverty, growth and inequality

Selected Presentations

World Bank Headquarters, United States (view here)

Overseas Development Institute, United Kingdom (view here)

ODI Poverty presentation

Sustainable Development Goals Center, Indonesia (view here)

SDGs in Indonesia.png